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The Truth in Training Information

The High Intensity Training (HIT)

"The HIT FAQ is a fabled sources of information on HIT. Now in it's fifth version, the HIT FAQ has done much to educate people about HIT and its applications. The author, Rob Spector, has done a great deal of research and presents the information in an easy-to-use, highly readable format. A HIT devotee's resource library won't be complete without the HIT FAQ."

Matt Brzycki
Coordinator of Recreational Fitness and Wellness
Princeton University

by Rob Spector

"In my opinion, the latest version of the HIT FAQ is the most concise and well written piece of information on the Web that not only encapsulates a solid approach to high intensity training but can and should be used as training guide for anyone looking for a safe and effective approach – period. "

Fred Fornicola
Editor High Performance Training Newsletter
President - Premiere Personal Fitness




"...I read the HIT FAQ, and it just spoke to me. I felt everything click in my head, as if I'd known these ideas all along but never acknowledged them. I knew this was the truth I had been searching for....I started training in a HIT style with my workout...After my first workout, I knew I had stumbled across something incredible...By the middle of June, I had already put on 5 pounds of muscle in a 10 week period. I felt this was astonishing, since I previously believed one had to train at LEAST 6 months to see any results."

Ryan Tobin 

"I never thought I could make gains like this. 8 pounds in 2 weeks! I don't expect that to continue, but 8 POUNDS in 2 WEEKS! Of muscle too, because my waist is smaller and more defined."

Jeremy Hohertz, #36


This comprehensive e-book fills a large void.  A void felt by many inexperienced trainees who expressed great curiosity, yet shared less than satisfactory RESULTS. There was great need for something more, so from this hovering gap, the "High Intensity Training FAQ" was born.

The HIT FAQ was first published on the Internet in 1994. And at that time, it sparked little recognition. Yet for most who DID know of it, it registered as fairly "controversial" information. Its controversial nature centered on disbelief. Disbelief that to grow BIG and STRONG, it couldn't possibly be as simple as what author Rob Spector claimed. (Rob and many others though in the HIT network, have proven time and time again over the years, that simplicity is just EXACTLY what DOES work!)

After word spread how the HIT FAQ truly led others toward results, it became VERY popular. So much so that it eventually translated into many languages including French, Portugese and Russian. Many say it's THE most sought after and downloaded strength training/musclebuilding document on the entire Internet!

All this said, here's some great news. Rob has now updated the FAQ with loads of NEW information (it's twice its original size!!) and is conveniently available in e-book format, ready for you to immediately download your own personal copy.

This updated version has Rob's personal flair - exposing a little background on Rob's own training career and experiences and what knowledge he has gathered throughout the years. This is invaluable to both the new and advanced trainee.

Rob also addresses some key topics that are of mainstream concern such as steroids and supplements, the world of bodybuilding today, training for women and those in their "senior" years, plus a whole lot more! Keep in mind -- this is time-proven information that can assist you in overcoming training roadblocks, while helping you realistically achieve that greater strength and size you're after.

The High Intensity Training FAQ encapsulates a solid approach to High Intensity Training but can and should be used as a training guide for anyone looking for a safe and effective approach - period.

No matter who you are -- male or female, young or old, novice or veteran, bodybuilder, powerlifter or fitness enthusiast, the thorough questions and answers the HIT FAQ provides will benefit ANYONE! No matter what your goals are, no matter what your stage of development is. It's realistic, it's honest and above all, it will guide you toward gaining.

The information in this e-book will not only save the trainee valuable time but will also give them the TRUTH in training information to maximize their potential.

Getting BIG and STRONG does not have to be complicated. A drug-free 17.5 inch arm developed using the basics of HIT.

Take a look at what is covered in the book:

What are the origins of strength training and HIT (High Intensity Training)?

How did you – the author – get into HIT?

What exactly is “HIT”?

What is wrong with conventional bodybuilding?

Why should I avoid muscle magazines?

What is “intensity” and why is it important?

What are “Overload” and “Progression”?

What equipment do I Need?

What exercises should I perform?

In what order should I perform my exercises?

How often should I train?

How should I perform my repetitions?

How many sets should I perform?

What is overtraining and how do I avoid it?

How can I prevent injuries?

How should I track my progress?

What are some specific guidelines for Beginners?

What are some specific guidelines for Intermediates?

What are advanced HIT techniques and routines?

How can I break plateaus?

What nutritional guidelines should I use?

What supplements should I take?

What about steroids?

Do HIT guidelines differ for women?

How should my training change now that I’m Over 40/50/60?

Who Uses HIT?

What HIT Resources are available?

HIT Online

A Final Word

Over two dozen relevant photographs are in the e-book

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WARNING: The information in this e-book are intended only for healthy men and women. People with health problems should not follow the routines without a physician's approval. Before beginning any exercise or dietary program, always consult your doctor. By purchasing this book you have accepted the inherent risk associated with exercise.




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