Reader Feedback on the HIT FAQ


"The HIT FAQ is a fabled sources of information on HIT. Now in it's fifth version, the HIT FAQ has done much to educate people about HIT and its applications. The author, Rob Spector, has done a great deal of research and presents the information in an easy-to-use, highly readable format. A HIT devotee's resource library won't be complete without the HIT FAQ."

Matt Brzycki
Coordinator of Recreational Fitness and Wellness
Princeton University

"In my opinion, the latest version of the HIT FAQ is the most concise and well written piece of information on the Web that not only encapsulates a solid approach to high intensity training but can and should be used as training guide for anyone looking for a safe and effective approach period. "

Fred Fornicola
Editor High Performance Training Newsletter
President - Premiere Personal Fitness

" I'm a 23 year old medical student from Malaysia and where I come from, and as far as I know so far, not a person have I encountered has ever practised HIT. Having been training HVT (High Volume Training) style for a significant period, I first got to know about HIT a few years ago from an Internet friend residing in the States. The first article I read was the HIT FAQ by Robert E. Spector and believe me, it shocked me to the core. It provided me with many new insights on the weight game from a very, very different perspective. I didn't dimiss it as a whole load of utter nonsense but I was skeptical at first....Since I was stagnating with no progress for almost a year, I gave it a try. I literally exploded in growth of muscle mass after just a few weeks..."

Christopher Wu

"Just wanted to thank you for saving me from death by overtraining... I had just started to lift weights and was using this 2days (or 3 or 4...) on, 1 day off "program". Well, actually I just went to the gym 5-6 days a week and threw the weights around for coupla hours... "The Secred Finnish Overtraining Headsplit Program" :)

Luckily, I found your homepage, read the HIT FAQ and some other stuff coupla times. I decided to give HIT a try and I'm glad I did! Nowadays I spend about 2 hours a week in the gym and make progress all the time."

-Turkka  Rovaniemi, Finland  

"I want to thank Robert Spector...for offering such good , logical, and thoroughly scientific information in what seems to be a very biased field!


" I have a few words to say for all of the non-believers out there who think that HIT training philosophies are bull. First of all, my name is Glenn Giesregen and I started experimenting with weight training when I was in high school (around 1984). Like many others, I read the mags and followed the advice of the champs. More is better. I started out at a round 155-160 lbs. A little skinny on a 6 foot frame. I worked out 5 to 6 times a week for approximately an hour a session. I didn't get big, but I did get very cut. That's not what I was after. After high school, I joined the Navy for 6 years and did not train very much. I really wasn't dedicated to it and never got over 160lbs.

I got out of the Navy in 1993 and bought a weight bench and a 300# free weight set. I was going to get back into it and try to gain some weight on my still skinny frame. I resorted to the only training regimen that I knew. I hit the weights 5 times a week with multiple sets per exercise. I also did all the little "isolation" movements (ie. side laterals, wrist curls, etc...). I have always been a big eater, but my metabolism is very high and no matter what I ate, I did not gain a whole lot of weight. I didn't realize that I was overtraining. I made modest gains and reached a weight of 170 lbs. Convinced that what I was doing was working, I continued overtraining for another 2 years or so. I stayed at 170 lbs and reached what I believed was a training plateau.

About a year and a half ago, I decided to try something else. I searched the web for sites that might give me so me decent training information. I stumbled across Cyberpump and read the HIT FAQ. Like others, I thought that this was a bunch of B.S. How can any body workout only 2 times a week and go though just 1 set to failure on the major exercises. This is way to easy and there is no way that it will work. But I kept reading and some of the information started to make sense. I figured that I would follow some of the advice and give it a try. I didn't buy into all of it at first. I still overtrained, but I did cut back considerably. Still not making the gains that I wanted, I decided to go full bore on the HIT style of training. After all, training only twice a week was a lot better than 5 times. I also found out what intensity is and how to really take a set of exercises to failure. After a true year of training HIT I am happy to say that I am 187 lbs (and growing) by using these methods. Unbelievable. Looking at it now, it's hard to believe that if took me 14 years to get it right. Oh, I forgot to mention that I don't train with a partner. I did buy a power rack so that I could truly go to failure on my exercises. Training in this fashion, I can't imagine why anyone would want to train more than twice a week. "

- Glenn Giesregen

" I have lifted for about ten years with, only, moderate success. People could tell that I worked out but I was disappointed in the overall effort. I saw the HIT Faq, read it and it made perfect sense. I am in my third 8 week cycle using the principles.

Several people who were strangers to me at the gym, now, come up to me and want to know various components of my training program. It is a gas! One big guy stated to me that I must be on steroids because I was getting so cut and defined.

Thanks for the valuable information."

- Len

" I just want to say THANK YOU for this web page and esp. the HIT FAQ. I HAD been getting all my info on weight training from M&F for the majority. A few Men's Fitness's as well. And I'd been following their programs. I'd gotten nowhere (well, I put on a few pounds, but not much) in two years of lifting on and off. 6 months of on before Football season. I am an 18 year old High School (Canada) football player. And I LOVE this web site. I've only been on HIT for the last 2 weeks and already my chest is alot bigger, and my arms (even though I only do 1 set) are getting larger as well. I don't know exact measurements but they do look bigger. And my shoulders are wider now too. I know that because some of my fav shirts are now smaller!! And my waist is smaller so that isn't it. Even my younger brother who is all academics (chess team, etc) is taking up THIS training because it isn't 4,5,6 days a week. Just two (for now) Monday and Thursday and I'm gonna tell my coach about HIT.

I never thought I could make gains like this. 8 pounds in 2 weeks! I don't expect that to continue, but 8 POUNDS in 2 WEEKS! Of muscle too, because my waist is smaller and more defined."

Jeremy Hohertz, #36

" I have been training for seven years. Two years ago I was under the impression that more was better so I was overtraining like a mad man. Thanks to your page I know what happened to me. In your HIT FAQ you describe what happens to the immune system when you overtrain. Well I can swear that no truer words have been spoken (written). I got mono 4 (count 'em), four times in 15 months. My doctor couldn't believe it. It was very depressing because I thought I was doing good by training so hard. I backed off from doing so much and settled in to 2 split routines 2 days on one off. Now thanks your page I'm getting much better results from doing a full body HIT every third day. Thanks for the good info."

Larry Berube

" I just read your HIT FAQ, and I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for writing it as it was an excellent source of information for me!"


"...Around March of 1999 I really began searching for information on the web about training. I went through Yahoo's list and visited almost every site over the period of a month or so. I read and read and read everything I could find. Eventually, I came to Cyberpump in the list and decided to check it out. The first thing I read was the HIT FAQ, and it just spoke to me. I felt everything click in my head, as if I'd known these ideas all along but never acknowledged them. I knew this was the truth I had been searching for.

In April of 1999, I started training in a HIT style with my workout. I did the same exercises for one set each, but I did them a little slower and to positive muscular failure (as I knew it at that point). After my first workout, I knew I had stumbled across something incredible...By the middle of June, I had already put on 5 pounds of muscle in a 10 week period. I felt this was astonishing, since I previously believed one had to train at LEAST 6 months to see any results... "

- Ryan Tobin

"... I have been looking for info on HIT and started doing a little searching and found your site. The HIT FAQ was exactly what I have been looking for. Thank you."

- Gary Hamilton