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The Truth in Training Information

Nautilus Bulletin #3/
Nautilus Bulletin #3 Pictorial

by Arthur Jones

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What Nautilus Bulletin can offer the trainee is best summed up in this reader feedback:

I just received, sat down and read, and now must comment on Arthur's Bulletin Number 3. I think its fair and accurate to say that Arthur "had a way with words" and what he had to say was in the early 1970's, new, accurate, and very much a breath of fresh air on the training scene. He simply and logically spelled out the few basic rules one had to know and follow to maximize their training results. Controversial then, just as controversial now, what Arthur finally got around to calling HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING in Bulletin Number 3 remains the surest and fastest way to increases in muscular size and strength for the average trainee and even the advanced trainee.

Much of Number 3 is a reinforcement of what was written previously. I don't want to use the word redundant because Arthur's guidelines for training remain the foundation of a sensible approach to weight training and need constant and continuous reinforcement. Bulletin Number 3 does this and does it with an eye towards the athlete and coach, a bit of a "twist" on his previous writings. I think everyone should have this in their strength and muscle growth library (that's how I refer to mine!) and I thank you for putting it together and making it available to those like me who believe you can never get enough of the truth.


Dr. Ken  Leistner (NY)

Also included in Nautilus Bulletin #3 are pages from the never before published Ultimate Development and the 20-page never published article entitled "The Anderson Brothers".

Nautilus Bulletin #3 Pictorial

Nautilus Bulletin #3 Pictorial is Nautilus Bulletin #3 that includes 78 large format photo images and 19 original Colorado Experiment log pages penned by Arthur Jones.

The photos include: over 40 of Casey working out, including several sequences; over a dozen of Arthur working out; photos of others working out and the set up of the experiment including the equipment arrangement, Dr. Elliot Plese (director of the Experiment), Dick Butkus; before-and-after photos of Casey; an 8x10 color photo of the Anderson brothers flanking Sergio; and a B&W of Larry Gilmore with Sergio.

Most images have never been seen by the public. No images are taken from other publications, internet sites, or any other secondary sources. No grainy reproductions of reproductions of scans of magazine articles here. All images come from original images by Inge Jones.


 Take a look at what's covered in Nautilus Bulletin #3:


Chapter 1 What To Expect From Exercise

Chapter 2 The Correct Amount of Exercise

Chapter 3 The Best Type of Exercise

Chapter 4 The Two Most Important Factors in Exercise

Chapter 5 How Much Should an Athlete Weigh?

Chapter 6 The Relationship of Muscular Size to Strength

Chapter 7 Avoiding Injury and Preventing Injury

Chapter 8 How to Get the Best Results From Exercise

Chapter 9 Improving Flexibility

Chapter 10 Increasing Speed

Chapter 11 Improving Endurance

Chapter 12 Why Exercise Increases Strength

Chapter 13 Stimulating Growth

Chapter 14 Permitting Growth

Chapter 15 The Colorado Experiment Part 1 … The Purpose of the Experiment

Chapter 16 The Colorado Experiment Part 2 … The Background of the Experiment By Dr. Elliott Plese

Chapter 17 The Colorado Experiment Part 3 … Conduct of the Experiment

Chapter 18 The Colorado Experiment Part 4 … The Results of the Experiment By Dr. Elliott Plese

Chapter I The Ultimate Development

Chapter II The Anderson Brothers

The Pictorial Version Also Includes:

Chapter III Workout Sequences of Casey During the Colorado Experiment

Chapter IV Workout Sequences of Arthur During the Colorado Experiment

Chapter V Other Participants and Exhibits of the Colorado Experiment

Chapter VI The Workout Logs of the Colorado Experiment Handwritten by Arthur Jones

Chapter VII Casey's Colorado Experiment Before-and-After Exhibits

Chapter VIII Exhibits Related to The Anderson Brothers

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