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The Truth in Training Information

The Weight Training Survival Kit: 
20 Essential Components for Training Success

by John Leschinski


The Survival Kit is aimed primarily at beginners, but veteran and advanced trainees CAN benefit greatly too. For beginners it offers a clear path on what it takes to train and succeed, just as the title suggests. And for experienced trainees, it can be absorbed as a refresher course by reminding those veterans about solid common sense training principles.

Reading then committing to these principles will allow you to bypass a maze of trial and error, and because of this you will chop off years between the present and reaching your ultimate training goals.

Though no book (and that certainly includes this one) can supply ALL the answers you'll ever need to get superb training results, "The Weight Training Survival Kit" brings you quite a few. It sheds light on many of the most important pieces of what it takes to train and gain, optimally.

What you'll find in applying this information is that you'll have more time for enjoying your life, family and career. IF you've been training according to the conventional school of thought, you'll see your time widen and as a result you'll have greater balance in your life.

Also, you're going to see that to gain and gain WELL, it does NOT take a rich man's budget or "elitist" equipment. All you'll need is simple, solid stuff so you can perform the BASIC exercise movements. (This is explained in the e-book.)

There's no magic with this. It's simply tried and true information that's worked for millions, still works today and will work endlessly into the future! You can rest assured there are no gimmicks, no tricks and nothing practically speaking, out of reach.

If it's worked for millions in the past, so why not be one of those to prosper well into the future? The time to "get a grip" on your training is now. If you're new to training and want to wring the absolute most from your training efforts, then "The Weight-Training Survival Kit" can help ensure that happens. Don't wait another minute -- download your personal copy RIGHT NOW!


The Weight Training Survival Kit: 20 Essential Components for Training Success by John Leschinski - Only $14.95 

Requirements: Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP

Here's how you can get it by IMMEDIATE download:


1.á You can purchase the ebook using your credit card through PayPal and you will be able to download it immediately.á Click on one of the buttons below. You will be sent to a download page and will also be sent an email with the download information.

2.á Once you download the ebook to your computer hard drive, simply follow the instructions to the letter in the download area or email.

Note: The  e-book can only be viewed on one computer (the computer it is unlocked on) to protect the content and cannot be copied or printed. A version that is printable is also available below.

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Note: There are NO refunds and all sales are final.á There will also be only one serial number provided per e-book.  Additional serial numbers require an additional book purchase.á Reformatting your hard drive or changing computers will disable your e-book and will require you to purchase another copy.


WARNING: The information in this e-book are intended only for healthy men and women. People with health problems should not follow the routines without a physician's approval. Before beginning any exercise or dietary program, always consult your doctor. By purchasing this book you have accepted the inherent risk associated with exercise.




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