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The Truth in Training Information

Younger Women, Faster Airplanes, Bigger Crocodiles

By John Szimanski


Arthur was deeply and thoroughly involved in animal related businesses, flying, personal appearance events, and television program and movie production. He is a recognized expert in these fields. He has been published and published about, to this day, in these fields. In some areas he is consider the expert reference. These facets of his life are covered to the extent one can understand how the tools were cultivated so that he would eventually turn the entire strength training world on end. Arthur directly touched millions of trainees immediately, and will ultimately influence the training of millions of more people forever. That is the main focus of this work.


 Here Are A Few of the Features

Input from people who worked for, with and around Arthur in his pioneering days.

Comments directly from Percy Cunningham, the airline pilot who financed Arthur's very first 'machine' in 1948 at the Tulsa YMCA gym. We visit 'NEB', a friend of Arthur's (Midget) from the California days with Vic Tanny, Joe Gold (Bullethead), and the crew.

The solution Arthur discovered in Africa that was the final key to building the 'correct' pullover machine. We talk with Arthur's employee who built the part Arthur designed.

How the cam concept evolved by Gary's interpretation of what Arthur drew.

The Blue Monster comes to life and goes public. Larry Gilmore (Turkey) was there to help build it. Inge, Arthur and the children haul it to the show in California.

The first Nautilus sales and generation of the product line.

Nautilus becomes an organization. Ed Farnham ran the office then. Dr. Ken, Kim Wood and Jim Bryan were there, too. So were Jim Flanagan and Charlie Barth. Jim is still with MedX.

The growing pains of the Nautilus organization - labor issues and production bottlenecks.

Nautilus puts Lake Helen, Florida on the world map, grows to Virginia, gobbles up other companies, and gets into publishing and being published in a major way. Ellington Darden helped run the printing press. We talk with Ellington and Mabel Rader.

The emerging Nautilus models - Time Machines, Omni, Infi, Duo-Poly.

HIT developments, the 57-to-1 tape.

Arthur's legal battles.

The sale of Nautilus.

Breakthrough with the computerized machines, the back machines, and the birth of MedX.

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